Welcome to E2E

Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd was born out of passion for adventure, creativity and technology.

The company was initially established in 2001 but has been rebranded and re-launched for 2012 with a new team and a shared vision.
This new evolution draws on the experience of documentary makers who have filmed around the globe, both above the clouds and below the water, to bring engaging and challenging stories to a wider audience.
This unique company deliver niche documentary and film projects for broadcasters, NGO's and ethical organisations.
We use some of the latest technology shooting up to 5k resolution, and utilising macro, and high speed techniques.

Alongside the in-house production work, we also take opportunities as freelancers, working with clients which include: BBC, Five, History Channel, Discovery, Sony International.

Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd is a UK registered company: no 4164710 - website and all images copy of Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd 2014
Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd